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Top 10 Winery Website Designs – We Made the Cut!

Thanks to Message Vineyard (; @messagevineyard) for including us in their Top 10 list of best winery website designs. Many thanks to Bernie Hadley-Beauregard, Emily Pedricks, Karen Poon and the rest of the team at Brandever ( for creating the fantastic branding for our winery. And a special thanks to Cindy Ferrie at and Tamera Miller at TM Designs for bringing our online vision to life on the internet.

Here’s a snapshot from their story. You can check out the full story and see the other great wineries included in the list by clicking this link:

Today we’re sharing our 10 favorite website designs of wineries in Canada to examine current best practices in the wine web design space. Generally, we chose sites that made us want to taste the winery’s wine: those whose websites to tell a compelling story about their wines and brands, using high quality visuals. On the technical side, many of the sites are mobile friendly
, provide both technical and general information, encourage people to visit their tasting rooms, sign up for their mailing list, encourage people to join their wine clubs, and more. Read on to see some of the best winery website design practices in action (and while you’re at it, have a look of some our OREGON and WASHINGTON favorites!)


A modern layout, great graphics, and that hypnotizing eye will overpower you and convince you to buy the wine. Because branding is about the power of suggestion.




Garagiste North: Small Guys Wine Festival

We are so excited that our Secret Society 2014 (white) and The Syndicate 2012 (red) were really well received by a big, fun crowd at Garagiste North: Small Guys Wine Festival.