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Day 2 – Unsanctioned Series Cabernet Franc 2020

Today brings a real treat: a sold out Unsanctioned Series wine from the library. Our 2020 Unsanctioned Series Cabernet Franc went quick when it was released last year. This is a really cool wine, because it comes from a (relatively) cool site, so to speak.  Nestled in the northwest corner of the Golden Mile Bench sub-GI, this vineyard consistently produces flavourful grapes that are a bit lighter in structure. Now I wouldn’t exactly call this a “cool” site, but compared to many other vineyards on the east side of the valley in Oliver, it’s a bit more moderate.  Of all of the reds from the 2020 vintage, this was definitely the most elegant. With an almost satin-like texture, and tons of fruit, it’s a great red for all seasons.

Cabernet Franc hails from France, and although it’s become quite famous in Bordeaux, it’s origins are a bit further north in the Loire Valley. And if you didn’t already know, Cab Franc is the parent to a few other very well know grape varieties, including Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Widely planted in many regions throughout the world, it can produce a wide range of wine styles. On the nose, Cabernet Franc has a distinctive herbaceous and bell-pepper aroma. It can also smell like red fruits and even like pencil lead. With cooler climates you’ll find violet notes and warmer climates expect dried fruit flavors, and cayenne pepper notes. On the palate, Cabernet Franc has high levels of zesty acidity. It also can have relatively high tannins, though less than Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines from cooler climates have slightly lower tannin whereas in warmer climates you’ll find more tannin. The herbaceous character in Cabernet Franc is caused by a group of aroma compounds called methoxypyrazines or “pyrazines” for short.

The go-to Friday night meal around our house is homemade pizza, most often grilled on the BBQ (however, I did just get an Ooni pizza oven so that is what I’m using now…and in case you are wondering, I love it!). And the perfect wine for pizza is our Cab Franc. It’s got such a range of flavours, a soft texture, and not much in the way of tannins; it stands up to whatever toppings we add to our pizza.  So get creative and see how the pairing works for you!  If pizza isn’t your thing, then check out the pan-seared duck breast recipe…it’s another smashing success with the Cab Franc.


Winemaking Notes

Our Unsanctioned Series is reserved for very special wines. The Cabernet Franc was grown in a sheltered vineyard in Oliver. The wine was fermented in a small lot and aged for 21 months in mostly neutral French oak. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Only 70 cases produced. Available exclusively to Secret Society wine club members and through our tasting room.

Tasting Notes
This small-batch wine is an experience for the senses! Soft and smooth, this wine offers savoury aromas with flowers enhanced by raspberry and blueberry. The palate is velvety soft, with light tannins and flavours of black forest cake, whipped cream, cherry compote, and a light spice on the finish.

Wine Specs

Vintage 2020
Appellation Okanagan Valley
Vineyards Oliver
Acid 6.0g/L
pH 3.8
Residual Sugar 2.1g/L
Alcohol % 13.6
Production: 70 cases